Giants vs Panthers

Thursday Night Preview

Giants at Panthers

The defending champion New York Giants travel to Carolina to play the up and coming Carolina Panthers. Each team enters play with a record of 1-1, and both have legitimate injury concerns to worry about. Big Blue is without wideouts Hakeem Nicks and Domenik Hixon, and running back Ahmad Bradshaw, while the Big Cats may be without The Daily Show (running back Jonathan Stewart).

Eli Manning- the Butters Stotch of the NFL

This is a tough one to predict. Which Eli Manning is going to show up? The one

that throws three interceptions and just shrugs and says “Aw shucks”, or the one

that throws for 500 yards and three touchdowns? Well, that’s a trick question, because it’s the same damn man doing it at the same damn time. You can’t trust Eli, but you can depend on him. If he has to throw 7 interceptions just to throw 8 touchdowns, he’ll do it. He’s an enigma.

Cam Newton, on the other hand, is easier to figure out. He’s going to run through

Cam Newton dances on the competition

you. Not around you, not near you, but straight through you. And you will fall down, possibly get the wind knocked out of you, and have to watch him do his Superman dance over your internally bleeding body. He’s just a force, as I’ve written about before (Newton’s Laws). But he can beat you throwing the ball too. And this Giants secondary has shown the uncanny ability to get beat on deep throws, short throws, and shuttle throws. Wide receiver Brandon LaFell could have a Kevin Ogletree-esqe game tonight if the defense focuses on Steve Smith too much.

Last year the Panthers picked off Eli three times, but he came back to throw three

“If I lose the game tonight my parents are gonna be awfully sore with me”

touchdowns. I like him, but I can’t pick a team led by Butters Stotch to win here. I just can’t. Panthers 35-31.


—Barrett Blacque

J’Adore Magazine


Newton’s Laws

In physics, Sir Isaac Newton developed three laws of motion that have universally been accepted and taught for centuries. Hundreds of years later, Cam Newton is re-defining everything we thought we knew about the physics of rookie quarterbacks.

Newton’s First Law: A QB in motion stays in motion, unless hit by a linebacker. Cam Newton has been bowling people over, rushing for 7 TDs this year, 3rd in the league. That’s 42 fantasy points right there.

Newton’s Second Law: A force is a big QB that is fast. Cam is the definition of a force (mass times acceleration). Standing at 6-5 and 248lbs and running a 4.59 40, Newton simply cannot be stopped while running. He’s rushed for 319 yards and a 2 point conversion this year. It’s more impressive than anything Mike Vick ever did because not only does Cam not get hurt, he hurts the defense when he runs through them.

Newton’s Third Law: For every play there is a positive or negative result. Cam Newton has looked great this year, and yet when you break down his stats they aren’t mind blowing. He has 11 TDs and 9 INTs passing. But that’s without a proper training camp or pre-season.  Despite the interceptions, Killa Cam is the number one rated fantasy player, regardless of position. Sure, there’s going to be ups and downs, but when Cam is on, he is already the best fantasy player in the league. Next season, Cam Newton HAS to be your number one pick.

LeSean McCoy ran wild this week, and gets our vote for the top fantasy player of the week. Shady, as he’s called around the league, had 185 rushing yards and 2 TDs, narrowly edging Stephen Jackson and his 159 yards and 2 scores.  I like McCoy as a fantasy star more than Jax simply because Jackson is a health risk and McCoy is the focal point of the Eagles offense. In next years draft I have Shady as a top five pick, whereas I wouldn’t take Jackson until the third round, if that.

Buffalo’s Defense gets the surprise vote of the week. They rocked the Redskins with 9 sacks, 2 interceptions and a blocked kick. But let’s be honest, you only benefited from that if you had your real defense on bye this week. That goes along with what I said before, the waiver wire is the most important thing to watch during the season.

Last week I told you to stop playing Chad Ochocinco and Chris Johnson. This week I have to say to keep listening. CJ is now splitting carries with Javon Ringer. I don’t think it’s a motivational thing either. I really believe that the Titans have lost faith in Johnson, which means you have to as well. I don’t  advise picking up Ringer, I don’t feel like he’s the answer there either. But for the love of all things fantasy, don’t start Johnson anymore. Ochocinco is still struggling to get on the field. And when he’s on, he isn’t really a factor. I still say keep him on your bench, eventually him and Brady have to connect. But don’t cut him until New England does.

Having a Saints receiver on your team is always risky, since they have so many options there’s no telling who is going to be the star of the week. Marques Colston is constantly the closest one to a sure thing, and he’s Drew Brees favorite target. But any week Lance Moore, Robert Meachem and Devery Henderson could explode, or not catch a pass. If you have two star WRs, then take a chance with the rest of the Saints. However, there should never be a situation where a New Orleans receiver is your main weapon.

Teams on Bye for Week 9: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville and Minnesota. That means no Cam Newton, Steve Smith, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford and Adrian Peterson.  So this week isn’t as rough on fantasy players and past weeks have been. If you have Newton, you most likely have a QB on your roster that you drafted ahead of him. The main losses are Calvin and AP, so look for a free agent WR and RB that also do kick returns, as those are the biggest fantasy gainers. Look for Brandon Tate of Cincinnati, or Joe McKnight of the Jets. Special teamers are always high risk, high reward players.

Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin led my team to victory this week, propelling me to second place in my league. Tell me how your team is doing and ask questions about which guys to start via the comments section below!